Volodymyr Lysenko, CI 2000 Alumnus

Publishing Faculty, The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Tendencies of the Internet usage in Ukrainian media.


The report deals with a consideration of the ways that the Internet is being used in Ukrainian mass media at present and suggests alternative modes and models which could be applied to the problem of raising information supply quality standards. The concept of mass media and the Internet is presented using non-linear model to explain the information perception process and how it fits with the hypermedia.

The report looks at multimedia in a number of electronic publishing contexts that identify the unique benefits that Internet offers to the world of mass media. Amongst these are: the global, exterritorial nature the WWW; the possibility of the ongoing updating of information; a dynamical statistical monitoring of readers visited an edition’s web-site; dynamic commentary (the addition to peer reviewing by public commentary and response); an editorial feedback; the possibility of work in collaborative journalistic/editorial projects and to communicate with the other participants regardless of time and distance; and a possibility of the creation of the distant subscriptions and billing systems with individual approach to every reader. An edition’s web-site can also contain the archive with a search engine. Introducing of the system of automated cross-referencing can also be of great value. And the web-site can supply reader with links to other related web-sites.

Since the report has been developed within a review context, there are still many technical aspects open to debate with regards to their practical implementation. Some of the copyright problems associated with the application of electronic content in Ukraine are also identified in the paper. Suggestions for future development of the usage of the Internet by Ukrainian mass media are made in the conclusion.