"Media Education as Part of Civic Education"

AMERICAN COUNCILS for International Education with support from Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Departmentof State Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine,

Media Ecology Institute at Lviv Franko National University,


Conference "Media Education as Part of CivicEducation".

Event Description: The American Councils proposes to host a two-day conference entitled "Media Education as a Part of Civic Education" on Friday and Saturday, from 6th to 7th September, 2002, at Dzerkalny Zal of Lviv Franko National University (vul. Universytetska 1, Lviv,Ukraine).

The purpose of this event will be to create a forum for communication scholars, journalists,teachers, journalism professors and NGO activists to share knowledge and discuss perspectives of media education in Ukraine as well as in the world.

There is an essential difference between journalistic education, i.e professional training of mediaworkers on the one hand, and media education on the other. The main purpose of the media education is to give general public a clear understanding of opportunities which the present-day media open up, but also possible dangers they can generate. It is basically designed to help people analyze and make sense of media information. ME is capable off acilitating a more demanding attitude on the part of the public as to the quality of information and the ethics of professionals working in journalism.

Media education and other related fields (media ecology, media literacy) are gathering pace in the US and Western Europe as ways of a balanced media development. In most posttotalitarian countries,though, insufficient media awareness is even more of a problem and, therefore, urgently needs to beaddressed.


Invited Speakers:

Davydov I. Director of the International Institute of Mass Communication Research. Russia

Elizabeth Thoman, Executive Director of Los-Angeles’ Media Literacy Center.


Goban Klass, Professor of the Jagelon University. Poland

Lance Strate Professor and Department Chair, Fordham University. USA.

Terin V. Professor of Moscow State University. Russia


In order to attend, prospective participants will be expected to send in an application (ekomedia@franko.lviv.ua, bandrivska@yahoo.com or boryslav@iatp.org.ua ), CV and abstracts of the presentation (one to two pages) by July 15, 2002. Attendance will be limited to the first twenty people who respond. All the expenses (travel, accommodationand meals) are to be reimbursed.

Please, let us know if you have any further questions.





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